Tiên NGUYEN’s various musical influences :

Vietnamese traditional music, world music, western classical music

(Beethoven, Ravel, Ligeti,…), jazz (Thelonious Monk, Chet Baker, Miles Davis,…), pop-rock music and “chanson française”

Tiên NGUYEN played with : Nono Garcia (acoustic guitar), Mamady Keita (djembé), Paolo Loveri (guitars), Marc Demartelaer (bass), Bart Defoort (sax tenor), Jan De Haas (drums and percussions), Nicolas Fiszman (bass), Augustin Foly (guitars & bass),Pascaline Lurquin (mezzo soprano),Thierry Tcheng-Wei (sax alto), Ariane Debièvre (flute), DJ Franck (special effects), Steve Houben (sax and flute), Pierre Muller (drums), Bobby Hammond (keyboards), Dominique Huybrechts (violin alto), Jeff Kavanda (percussions), … and with so many other musical friends, without forgetting Olivier Pestiaux (cover design) and the Sound engineering & mix by the  “dream team” : (Michel Andina, Nam Nguyen, Christian Delbauche, Uwe Teichert, Johny Debie, Guy Lambert…). Thanks to everybody…

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